Tarot Reading, with Gypsy Oracle Tarot Card.

The Card of House in Tarot Circles known as the Magician Priest of the Sun, power, transmission of Divine Consciousness into human life- form.

In Greek the Magician or the House is known as Beta B. from Sanskrit Mag, maga, magos, which word become magus and the exact translation is 'The Unification of gamAgamakArin, the Universe within you.'.  It is a reminder that life is only a temporary state. Life is a fulfilment of an obligation at a predetermined spot (Your body). Obligation fulfilled with the purpose of purification.

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From: Reed
From: Reed
Monday, June 17, 2019
Your site is the only one that has such a wonderful amount of info on these cards. There are some blog sites, which has some info on them. But not like yours.

From: Joanne
From: Joanne
Friday, April 19, 2019
You are the best!!!

Thank you so much! I can see everything perfectly with this ebook!
Would it be possible for me to ask questions if I get confused?
Thank you so much!

From: Marino
From: Marino
Friday, May 03, 2019
Thank you I was able to open this. book even on my mobile phone :D
Also, my language is Croatian, it is actually one of the languages printed on these cards. last word in the left column.