Gypsy Oracle, Consolation:

Meaning: Consolation is referring to decision, the justice system, called Tattva in Sanskrit, known from Greek mythology as Themis, knowing the truth. The Tattva is a representation of a fair, impartial decision, an ego-less system of Justice. The other word describing Justice is the goddess Dike, from Sanskrit dhaTa, meaning balance, or the scale of a balance and as the name suggests Justice or on this image Decision is served to uphold the balance and not an unequal power system.
Reverse Meaning: In reverse, the card is warning that authority, the ego overpowers fair justice. An important decision is influenced by emotions, irrationality, revenge and biased feelings, an ego driven decision. In personality; the card is showing intolerance, prejudiced, haste, and human characteristics, such as being ill-tempered; dominating, arrogant, proud, condescending; insolent, vain, and excessively self-aggrandising.

How to understand the card of Consolation

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