How do You Read Destin Antique Ten of Hearts Card?
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How to Start with Destin Antique Card.

Destin Antique Card Four Position Reading.


How do You Read the Ten of Hearts Card?

General Meaning of the Card.

The Ten of Hearts usually called the house, and it is referring to You. This card or the card of House is a reminder that life is only a temporary state, it is a fulfillment of an obligation at a predetermined spot. A commitment fulfilled with the purpose of purification. That is to say, we are here to learn how to attain the self-less, it is a representation of your journey, life. Therefore, the house in other Gypsy Card often portrayed as some type of vessel, a ship, or a temple. On this card the card of House is portrayed with a man deep in his thought, he seems to prefer privacy and his own company. Searching for knowledge comes to him naturally as the energy builds for his personal growth.

The Ten of Hearts embodies happiness, joy, and emotional contentment, particularly in your relationships and family. The Ten of Hearts card's purpose is to experience life through feelings, thoughts, emotions, art and beauty, relationships, love and family.  This card guarantees happiness, joy, contentment and emotional satisfaction within a family or other type of relationship or a companion. It represents an idyllic state of harmony, peace and love and a complete sense of satisfaction. The House, You, points to talent, capabilities and resources at your disposal to succeed....

MEANING: The House illustrating a way to happiness is by taking the right steps, leading to success. What is the right step? The right step is to examine your options carefully, plan, and go with the one that seems correct to you. The answer is within you, you only need to learn how to take control, becoming a master over the realms of emotions, which is the main meaning of the card of House, to learn how to create balance and unity within the different spaces, to achieve Trinity, the unity of body, mind and spirit.

Introducing four position reading, which you will find helpful in your card's interpretation. This book is 88 pages Pdf eBook 7.60 MB.

Although most instructions I've seen on the web recommending to read these cards as playing cards, that is not so. Although it is similar, yet the images speak of a different story than the playing card tells you.

You have to read it like it would be the Lenormand cards, but the playing card will be the major factor in the interpretation and the image will play a secondary part. The interpretation is followed by the Roman God or Goddess in the corner of the image. We couldn't include with all the images these Roman Gods since on some pictures it is hard to make out what they're trying to portray.

Once you understand the connection of playing card and the images it will be clear what the card is telling you. Furthermore, you will have to ignore what the instruction is telling you about a blond or dark-haired person, as the original Gypsy Card or Tarot Card is was never part of. I'm not exactly sure who started this trend, but since we are able to use colouring, so, the blonde hair might not be blond.a

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This book is 88 pages Pdf eBook

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Jack of Hearts:
Meaning: The Jack of hearts represents a young man, who is looking for someone to start a relationship. He can also be a friend, he is optimistic, caring and fun to be around.
Reverse Meaning: Suffering, loss, hung ups, insecurity, immaturity.

Ace of Clubs:
Meaning: The woman in black at a sickbed, formed as a coffin, which is a reminder of new beginnings, opportunity to grow on a personal or spiritual level. This is also confirmed by the Ace of Clubs, which speaks of great happiness.
Reverse Meaning: Greed, malady.

Eight of Diamonds:
Meaning: Good fortune in all pursuits. Great success awaits you in all your affairs.
Reverse Meaning: Your skill served you well, but the money you have made, become an obsession, and hoarding took over your life.

Short introduction to Antique Card Reading.

There are many theories what the term Tarot defines, yet none of them traces it back to the most obvious source, Sanskrit language. Tarot derived from Sanskrit Taras; i.e. voyage, referring to life as a voyage, a guide, how to continue on your journey in life. The other word is Tara, which is translating to asterism, passage, knowledge, communication between man and the universe,  the sacred text and science of the ancient Phoenicians known today as the Romani people or Gypsies.
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