When you study Gipsy Tarot, the image simplicity suggested at first sight, starting to reveal its complex secrets, a deep understanding of human nature, the psyche, understand yourself, others and the universe. Gypsy Tarot is often advertised as an image to predict the future. Many people have doubts about fortune-telling, and rightfully so. Asking, how can an image, a drawing allow you to predict what will happen? As you learn the meaning of the images, it reveals the complex secrets it holds, our participation in the universal whole, allowing us to glimpse into the future by shedding light on the past that brought us to our present situation. When you let the past control you, it will define your future. Therefore, the Gypsy tarot is a sure way to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, where you come from and what direction to choose in your voyage to help you create a better tomorrow.

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The Meaning of Sadmess with Gypsy Tarot.

The pain of sadness is often associated with negative emotion, yet it has a transforming effect, leading to emancipation, peace. Sadness can bring a clear perception of the world, enabling you to gain a deeper understanding and learn to relate to others as those who suffer from the same pain and this genuine heart of sadness can teach you compassion, creativity, but it can also reference the stress that often associated with the creative process. The path of sadness is a passage to gain higher awareness, as with pain, you are allowing to lose the ego, and you can see the world around you with more clear perception. Sadness depicted with the Tree of Life: awakening your mind to see the interconnectedness.


How to Read Gypsy Card the Ancient way.

Key to Tarot

Tarot Meant to find your way home, it takes you to a journey into the Universe, finding the universe within.

Gypsy Tarot is the most popular tool to tell fortune. Each tarot tells a different story, therefore it is important to be sensitive reading and understanding the ancient symbolism hidden within the images. This tarot contains several pictures that were originally seen as illustrations in divination games as well as playing-card, but the whole collection becomes a distinctive tradition with unique images and a format of its own.