The Unexpected Joy card signifies that you are on the right path to experience unity, pure consciousness, and ultimate reality. The card suggests we can find treasure anywhere because it is beside the point and the true gem is self-realisation, awakening.
The card signifies that you will feel that situations are taking form, a realisation of joy, contentment and spiritual fulfilment. The Unexpected Joy card unfolds a state when consciousness looks neither outwards nor inwards, nor the two together. It signifies the coming to the rest of all differentiated, relative existence. This utterly quiet, peaceful and blissful state is the ultimate aim of higher existence. It means that this highest state is not affected by the illusion of physical reality.
It is a very positive time, and it is an excellent occasion to explore new experiences. The Unexpected Joy card suggests that you will feel the moment with intense happiness.

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This eBook helping you to start reading tarot with Zigeuner cards. It has 36 images explained in details. The eBook gives you an introduction into the secret world of the pictures, a guide to understand the Self. As above so is below. What that means is that universal reality plays out in human life. For example, the card of Baby is a portrayal of new beginning, transformation and hope.Yet this card also highlights the uncertainties of life, advising that sometimes it is necessary to take an apparently risky step to gain a deeper sense of the self. The main aim of the tarot is to help you through difficulties, allowing you to achieve balance, to live a happy life. There is no easy way to learn tarot. It takes time. It is not intuition, the same way as chess is not built on intuition, but knowledge. As you become familiar with the cards, you are able to tune into the universe, allowing your subconscious mind to surface to consciousness, called the third eye.


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Details of Pdf eBook.
The Zigeuner Tarot Reading is a Pdf eBook, 106 pages, A4, 9.22MB Pdf publication. The book explaining each 36 Card's image origin, element, planet, star sign, meaning and reverse meaning.


The Meaning of Zigeuner.

It is derived from Sanskrit and composed of two words; atini-gaNita; translating to very skilful mathematics. This Sanskrit word with the wrong pronunciation became; tsigan, tigan, zingaro, zigeuner, gitana, etc... and they all mean the same, mathematics. The Romani people were enslaved around 2550 - 2490 B.C.

What is the purpose of Gypsy Tarot and Tarot?

Tarot challenges the popular view of the cards as merely a device for fortune-telling - the Tarot deck is a 'book' of 78, 52 or 36 cards that tells an allegorical story of our quest in life, using a symbolic language of archetypal pictograms and numbers. In its truest form it is an ancient tool for self-development - and, indeed, self-realization. Gypsy card and Tarot decodes what may be the oldest known complete phylosphy which retains the greatest integrity for their original function. To find the true Self. The symbolism of each card and the relationships between the cards, interpreting not only creation, known as Major Arcana, but also the significance of the Minor cards, and suggests how the wisdom of the Tarot can leads us to a balanced life, an understanding of where we are on life's path, and a sense of our place in the world. One would belive Gypsy cards don't have Major or Minor cards, but that is not so. The Major arcanas speak of creation, and the Minor cards helping in our actions to chose the right path. For example the King of Hearts (Lover) is a Major arcana and so the card of the Sweetheart, the Young Man, Young Woman, the Widow and Widower and so on. The Minor Arcanas are actions, such Hope and Desire, Merriment, Sadness, Unexpected Joy, so on.