The Garden portrays creation, balance, justice, equilibrium, a higher consciousness, wealth, good fortune. It works like a symphony with other inner activities, such as independent judgement, objectivity, clarity, and removal of layers of prior conditioning. Harmony slowly enters our perceptions, and with this awareness, you feel the tension of disharmony dissolve, and the only thing left is the resonance of serenity. Tranquillity is necessary for our inner development, and that is the message of the card of Garden. The Garden reveals the gift of Earth, and its message is to distribute equally, shearing, communicating our good intentions. On the second level, the Eight of Spades gives an option to create Heaven or Hell here on Earth. We've made hell from Eden with rivalry over resources due to greed, lust, and the ego. These three things are in such a blinding state that they exist in every religious thought, organisation, belief system. What drives these rivalries? Social, political, economic, and other factors may play their parts. Still, it can also stamp from genetic conditions, such as hoarding disorder, which blinds you to see the long-term detriment. The card points out the negative consequences attached to greed, rivalry, hostile adversary. The ego drives rivalry to win at any cost, to appear to be the only ones, the knower of the truth. The Ten of Diamonds summons Earth's gift, which can turn into contentions, desire, lust, hate, arrogance, mental blindness, hostile adversary.

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The Lenormand Tarot includes a second layer, a playing card placed on top of the image, and it is not without a purpose. It affects the interpretation, the meaning of the image. For example, the card of Mountain is a representation of protection or blockage. You have a choice to stay input or to go over it, gaining new insight, new experiences on the way. Yet the second layer, the Eight of Clubs, is warning that you might be acting in haste, acting without thinking it through beforehand, which could put you in danger. The Eight of Clubs speaks of an end of some sort of delay or blockage in your life. It is telling you not to act in haste or impulse, but think before your next step.


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The Lenormand Tarot Reading is a Pdf eBook, 102 pages, A4, 5.72 MB Pdf publication. The book explaining each 36 Card's image origin, element, planet, star sign, meaning and reverse meaning.


Gypsy Tarot Helping You to Find True Happiness.

In the material world pleasure is pure joy attained through the fulfillment of desires or some material gains. In the spiritual world it is the pure and unqualified bliss attained through union with the Highest Self. Pure Happiness is a state of freedom. From freedom comes supreme bliss. Hence the best means to experience happiness is through liberation. When the need or desire for happiness is absent, happiness manifests itself. When dependence upon happiness is absent, happiness becomes an itegral part of your consciousness. This is the secret of hapiness or bliss, the meaning of Unexpected Joy, referring to the sacred fires of the soul. By lighting the flames in the heart, the divine consciousness is able to come forth from the material world. Through it you are able to achieve a state of consciousness which is far beyond our current idea of intelligence, defined by the scientific mind and its emulation of external reality. The purpose of tarot is a spiritual activity, to turn the mind away from the sensory objects and inwards so that both the mind and the ego can be dissolved in an endless state of bliss. With senses arises attachment and from attachment comes anger and from anger comes delusion and from delusion suffering, which is opposite of pure happinesss.