The Merriment card is showing serenity, joy and cheerful time. The sky is clear, it looks like an early evening on a warm summer day, and it seems for the couple nothing else exist but the moment, the shared joy and happiness. We can feel this happiness will last for a while and will intensify. The picture's deeper meaning comes to light if we start to miss the merriment's usual accessories: the food, drink and the party's accessories. These are missing from the picture because it entails the hungover, the nausea of fullness, the painful silence after the rousing music, the rubbish waiting to clean, and the creased clothes damp smell.

The picture's merriment is lasting happiness, an intense, memorable and shared joy; it's worthwhile to let ourselves into it because it's natural, just like flowering or the love dance of the birds. The card's message is to give yourselves into the occasion of joy, let yourselves get into it, and draw others into it, because it will bring back lovely memories. Happy memories can help with combating depression and loneliness. They influence our happiness in the current moment and provide a framework for our hopes and dreams about the future. We feel joy in our neurotransmitters, which are tiny chemical "messenger" cells that transmit signals between neurons and other bodily cells on a scientific level.

Those neurotransmitters are responsible for processes and feelings in almost every aspect of the body, from blood flow to digestion. If you're feeling down, simple activities like going for a walk, meditating, petting a dog or cat, kissing a loved one, or even forcing yourself to smile, can help those neurotransmitters do their job and raise your mood. Smiling can trick your brain by elevating your mood, lowering your heart rate, and reducing stress. The smile doesn't have to be based on real emotion because faking it works as well.

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When you study Gipsy Tarot, the image simplicity suggested at first sight, starting to reveal its complex secrets, a deep understanding of human nature, the psyche, understand yourself, others and the universe. Gypsy Tarot is often advertised as an image to predict the future. Many people have doubts about fortune-telling, and rightfully so. Asking, how can an image, a drawing allow you to predict what will happen? As you learn the meaning of the images, it reveals the complex secrets it holds, our participation in the universal whole, allowing us to glimpse into the future by shedding light on the past that brought us to our present situation. When you let the past control you, it will define your future. Therefore, the Gypsy tarot is a sure way to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, where you come from and what direction to choose in your voyage to help you create a better tomorrow.


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This ebook is 104 pages, A4 and 10.7 MB, in pdf publication. The book explaining each 36 Card's image origin, element, planet, star sign, meaning and reverse meaning.

How can Gypsy card help healing?

Some Gypsy cards have a 'Healer' card, but not this one. You can find the Healer within most card, such as the card of thought which is focused knowledge that has a liberating potential of what the mind is doing with every moment. Our measure as human beings is not focused on the difficulties we are experiencing, but how we can change these difficulties at this moment. We take our own measure by how well we are able to understand the given knowledge and apply it in our everyday thought. If you're suffering from negative emotions (the card of Malady), with the given knowledge of Sattra (Healer) you can overcome unsuccessful mental habits. Strong negative emotions (card of Enger, Enemy, Jealousy) can burn you up within . The only way to calm the fire is with water, with (Soma), the unification of mind, body and soul. The power we are left with is allowing yourself to heal, since only you have the power to do so. No one can force you to do something you are not willing to do or not yet ready to heal. Sattra also means Atna (the primordial Sun), which denotes Tejas (vital power, the spirit), seeing clearly by the light of knowledge, the awakening of the soul which gives you power to overcome any difficulties. Focused knowledge enabling you to avoid falling into the trap of Hermes (messenger), whose aim is to take you to the river of pain, to hand you over to Kharon, taking you to the land of ghosts, of sleep and somnolent night of ignorance.