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The main aim of the ancient and original tarot was designed to help you through difficulties, allowing you to achieve balance, to live a happy life. There is no easy way to learn tarot. It takes time. It is not intuition, the same way as chess is not built on intuition, but knowledge. However, as you become familiar with the cards, you are able to tune into the universe, allowing your subconscious mind to surface to consciousness, called the third eye.

As above so is below. What that means is that universal reality plays out in human life. For example, the card of Wedding is called Phylacteries, from the Sanskrit word Pilu-AlAna, and Yukti, corresponding to letter Z, Setavya (Zeta in Greek) i.e. to bound, fasten together, and it is referring to the Sun, the binding of atoms, creation, genesis.

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Tarot Reading, with Art Deco Tarot Card.

The Young Man is better known in Tarot Circles as the Hanged Man. Why is it called the hanged man?

The Hanged Man or Young man is related to suspended mind, which can also be understood as 'free mind'.  The card name is "man" or Manus in Sanskrit and its origin goes back to the Sanskrit word hu-man, which means the "awakened", "pure thought", from which comes the word suspended mind, closely related to human consciousness.



Key to Tarot

Tarot Meant to find your way home, it takes you to a journey into the Universe, finding the universe within.

Tarot meant to find your true self, finding the right path to liberation from illusions. You're able to achieve that by exploring your past, and how it relates to the present situation you are in now. Once you discovered the past, you are able to do something in the present moment to create a better future today.

Therefore, tarot and Gypsy Card is a tool for healing, teaching, how to reach a better future in your voyage of life.

The main purpose of Gypsy Card and Tarot is to teach you the oneness with everything, which enables you to have a more clear perception of what defines life and the universe, and how it created us all, hence the saying, 'We are One'.

With Tarot, you are able to lose the sense of self, the boundary between the self and the rest of the world. In doing so you ultimately wind up in a universal state, which is called the 'Third Eye'.