The  Biedermeier Guidebook helps starters to get familiar with the Gypsy Tarot image symbolism, whilst at the same time learning the practice of self-discovery.



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Buying both eBooks will make it clear what the images are trying to tell you. The starter ebook only contains the basics of the images, not to overwhelm you with details, which is not necessary if you just starting out. However, when you have both books, you are able to look up further interpretations with the Ancient Tarot Reading. Some images will be more clear when you understand their origin. For example, when you start learning about the messenger, it only presents you with the basic understanding, which is; to watch out for misleading information. To understand better the meaning of the message, the eBook for the Self will make it clear, it will give you a deep understanding of the card's symbolism.



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The Biedermeier eBook is Pdf format, 96 pages, A4, 8.36 MB. The Starter e- book explaining each 32 Biedermeier Card's image, meaning and reverse meaning with the main points of the card keywords highlighted.


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Monday, June 17, 2019

Among Gypsy tarot, the card of gift is referring to a balanced understanding that cannot be forced and it transmits greater harmony to others. It works like a symphony with other inner activities that join with it such as detached judgment, objectivity, clarity, and removal of layers of prior conditioning. Harmony slowly enters our perceptions and awareness, one can feel the tension of disharmony as it departs and appreciate the resonance of serenity.

How do you read the Gift if you asked a question about Love?

A gift means to let go... In a relationship, the card speaks of empathy, compassion, patience, respect, flexibility, openness, and creating perfect harmony with your partner. With a deep connection, you know that your partner loves and appreciates you, flaws and all. A gift means you care about each other's needs and desires. You share openly, you don't just hear each other; you really listen. You're interested in each other's hobbies, even if you don't get it. It's all about the little details. The gift is a judgment-free zone. Gift uniting people build an atmosphere of trust, respect, security, harmony, and positive emotions.

Why tarot was forbidden by the church? Because it contains ancient secrets, included in the Bible. What are they? For example, Solomon Temple is no other but the card of the House, and the House is representing you. The other secret is the Arc of Covenant. Is it an object, hidden somewhere? Is it lost? No. The Arc of Covenant is within you. It is the light and enlightenment. There are many other hidden words within Tarot, and that was the reason to forbid it. It contains the ancient secrets the Phoenicians left for you to discover.

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