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Our aim is to bring you a new way of seeing Gypsy Card and Tarot, and this 'new way' is the  ancient and original way to read Gypsy Cards. We done an extensive research, lasted over 10 years and it is still a work in progress. Exploring the origin of the taro cards in relation to ancient Greek mythology, as Gypsy cards contain too many Avatars from Greek mythology to be ignored.

To our surprise what we have discovered is that most characters in Greek mythology derived from Sanskrit words and the Veda, as their meaning is similar or rather identical to Buddhist and Hindu teaching. Therefore, we looked into the language of the Romani (Gypsy) people, as their name is on the Tarot, called Gypsy Taro Card, and we've unearthed an ancient secret.

The Romani are the only people today whose native language is Sanskrit and they still speak this ancient language. The language of their host country is always their second language.

How Sanskrit language sounds like? This ancient language cannot be compared to any language in existence. It is the most beautiful language. When you hear Sanskrit, you overcome by a feeling of humbleness, which cannot be described by words.

Hence from here we had to research the origin of the Romani people, customs, religion, the ancient past, ancient secrets, which is still guarded today, meaning they are the most oppressed people in the world, for over ten thousand years.

These hidden ancient secrets called Arcana, meaning to shut up, to keep a lid on. Put it in a simple term, Arcana means to falsify history in Latin. However, the original meaning of Arcana can be traced back to Sanskrit language, the most ancient language of the world and it translates as honouring, praising, to become one with, called Yoga in Sanskrit language. As you see, the meaning of almost everything was changed. Hence, how can anyone understand the original intent of Tarot Cards and Gypsy Card? The only way is to make an attenmpt to decipher the images. However, the images of the Taro cards were also changed. The ancient tarot most likely used symbolism, geometrics instead of pictures. But to understand the meanings of these shapes also involves mathematics, the same way as Sanskrit language, it was pronounced based on strict mathematical rules. That is why it is called the language of the Sun, the language of the Universe. With the original pronunciation of Sanskrit language you are able to effect consciousness, your health, your DNA, which is left in Mantras. That is, vocalising certain words and sentences in Sanskrit will affect the psyche, and these words and sentences have specific measurments, which in turn with the right intonation will bring balance to your psyche and it will open your third eye, causing spiritual change and expand consciousness beyond the confines of mundane reality.

Sound (vibration) serves as gateways to the realms of knowledge and understanding that inform and control life on earth, and, presumably, the after-death state of non-physical life as well. That is why Sanskrit is called 'the language of the gods', meaning, it is the only language, which can connect you to the universe.
Sanskrit words and sounds can open the mind to be able to communicate with spiritual beings who welcome the opportunity to interact with human consciousness.
These Sanskrit resonances can confirm to the aspiring student who seeks the nature of truth. Sanskrit is the alphabet of the Law of Correspondence, it based on complex mathematical formula, resonance, tune, which is forming invisible geometrical shapes, lines...  That is, the outer world is nothing more than a reflection of our inner world. This universal principle acknowledges the inter-connection of all things with all other things. However, this knowledge is lost, due to the thieves enslavement of the Phoenicians, the enslavement of the Romani people, so they'll be able to take the crown, Y which they thought will enable them to control the universe.
With Sanskrit we can see a world from a new perspective, where everything is alive, animate or inanimate and indeed if it was dead, it would not exist. That is the reason why the personification of things as gods and goddesses, whilst we consider them as dead objects today. Objects such as earth, stars, the universe, galaxies, matter, the building blocks of our body and mind individually considered mere objects. Yet these objects, the earth, the sun, and the entire universe function of existing cells and complex biospheres, which is synonymous with life.

Understanding this oneness with everything, which enables us to have a more clear perception what defines life and the universe, and how it created us all, hence the saying, 'we are one'. When we think it is only us who possess life is ignorance, as we were all created in the Sun, we were matter, carbon, one could say we were rocks containing the base element for life.

With YOGA, (i.e.becoming one with the universe), you are able to lose the sense of self, the boundary between the self and the rest of the world. In doing so you ultimately wind up in a universal state, which is called the ’Third Eye’, the Pineal Gland, the principal seat of the soul and the place in which all your thoughts are formed. The third eye (renamed by the ancient Greeks as Cyclops) refers to the gate that leads to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness, to non-self or anatta, a mature self who knows a selfless state is not only a state in respect to yourself, but recognising the lack of relational essence and self in others, wherein "self is an illusion". The absence of a self, anicca (the impermanence of all beings).

This knowledge later was included in the bible, as the big flood and Noah: It's original meaning however, is very different to the bible's version: The flood is representing life itself with it's challenges, journey, emotions, and a passage in the Rig Veda provides protection, to overcome difficulties. Protection also encoded in the word Aranya, which is translated as 'forest' by the  Hindus. According to their understanding, when a Brahman reached higher consciousness he have to go and live in the forest. This is as wrong interpretation the same way as the Phallus by the Greeks in context.

Aranya is referring to Erth's magnetic field, but it goes even further, explaining how to tap into it. Here the words however forged together differently, hence giving different interpretation: yaka = who, Ara = saw, Aranya - forest, Ara - nyAya = who forge (Forge here referring to blacksmith, brAhman, who makes or shape a metal object by heating it in a fire or furnace and hammering it, which is a reference of the secret of the Sun, YAH-ZUS, or Jesus. The blacksmith, Jesus, also known as Agni or brAhman was renamed by the thieves as Cyclops, portraying him with one eye. It is a reference of the third eye, which is a connection to the Universe. Therefore, the 'blinding of the Cyclops' means to destroy this connection.) justice, aya - iron, magnetic = protection. Therefore, the full sentence here becomes:

When in your life journey you establish connection with true knowledge, justice, you will be protected and arrive to a fertile land, to your destination.

Whilst the measurement of Noah's Ark is referring to Sanskrit pronunciation of the mantra that allowing you to forge this connection. All divine personalities are inherent in Purusha, (The Sun, Yah-Zus, renamed Jesus)  just as Agni (the Fire of the Sun) in speech.

Mantra declares that one who does not get the meaning of mantras but only recites vedic chants is like an animal which does not know the value of the weight it carries, because each letter has weight, length, depths, hight, mathematical rhythm.. This knowledge is lost after the theft of knowledge, and the blinding of the secret keepers of this knowledge. Hence the thieves deprived the world from this new consciousness, knowledge. Ancient Phoenician Way Reading Gypsy Card.

What the Phoenicians have to do with Tarot and Gypsy Cards...

Ancient Phoenician Way Reading Gypsy Card.