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Gypsy Tarot Set.

This book is 104 pages, A4 and 10.7 MB, in Pdf publication.


This Gypsy Tarot is beautifully illustrated 36 cards by KVIZ, no# 2489. The Gypsy card is made in Hungary. This elegant Gypsy tarot deck is illustrated with classic fortune telling scenes from almost identical to the Hungarian Gypsy Card, or Zigeuner card by Piatnik. The boxed deck includes 36 full-colour cards and a small instruction booklet in English, German, French and Hungarian. When using this deck it is essential that you should concentrate less on the significance of the individual cards then on their relative positions the overall meaning suggested by their arrangement on the table.

Tarot cards often advertised as images to predict the future. There are many people who are sceptics and rightfully so asking how can an image, a drawing is able to predict what will happen? When you understand the meaning of the images, it reveals your future by shedding light on the past, which brought you to your present situation and if you let the past to be in control, it will be a major factor which will determine your future. Therefore, tarot cards are a way to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, where you come from and what direction to chose in your life journey to help you create a better future.

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This book is 104 pages, A4 and

10.7 MB

, in pdf publication. Please note, the page numbers and download size is subject to change, as we continuously updating the book.

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Short introduction to Gypsy Card Reading

Meaning: The picture's message is that opportunism can lead you to loss. If you are able to learn from this experience, you will become a winner in the long run..
Reverse Meaning: There is a chance for advancement or that there is a way out from your current situation.

Meaning: Sadness is signifying a breakthrough, you are growing spiritually, and thus, your views can change and develop over time.
Reverse Meaning: A type of condition which is built on pride, based on too high or low self-esteem, It turns you into a state of desolation, grief.

Meaning: Changes, such as transformation of things, change of values or circumstances. Journey serves as a tool for personal transformation, a template for uniting the individual to the hole, to others, earth and the universe.
Reverse Meaning: Journey, your life is to find your own truth, your own destiny.

Learn How to Read Gypsy Card.

Starting Gypsy Card helping you with a short description on how the card is affected by its position in the spread, how to read Gypsy cards in four positions... For example First position being when the card is far from the inquirer's card and it is positive, the second Second position is medium, when the positive card is far from the inquirer but a negative card is next to it, and so on.

How to Start Reading Gypsy Cards.

With this e-book you are ready to start reading Gypsy Card, with a simple introduction into the meaning of each images. It will also help you with a short description on how the card is affected by its position in the spread. Read more >>
There are many theories what the term Tarot defines, yet none of them traces it back to the most obvious source, Sanskrit language. Tarot derived from Sanskrit Taras; i.e. voyage, referring to life as a voyage, a guide, how to continue on your journey in life. The other word is Tara, which is translating to asterism, passage, knowledge, communication between man and the universe,  the sacred text and science of the ancient Phoenicians known today as the Romani people or Gypsies.
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