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Biedermeier, #1901 - 1904, 32 Cards.

Biedermeier Fortune Telling Deck or cartomancy deck by Piatnik #1904. These 32 beautifully illustrated Biedermeier cards have wonderful images and description in 6 languages including English. The cards are made in Austria. Also a little white booklet with layouts and explanations is included. This elegant Biedermeier tarot deck is illustrated with classic fortune telling scenes from the 19th Century. Published by Piatnik. The boxed deck includes 32 full color cards and a small instruction booklet in English, German, French and Hungarian.

Tarot cards often advertised as images to predict the future. There are many people who are sceptics and rightfully so asking how can an image, a drawing is able to predict what will happen? When you understand the meaning of the images, it reveals your future by shedding light on the past, which brought you to your present situation and if you let the past to be in control, it will be a major factor which will determine your future. Therefore, tarot cards are a way to gain deeper understanding about yourself, where you come from and what direction to chose in your life journey to help you create a better future.


Meaning: The card tells you to be righteous in all aspects of life, to ignore, to conquer.
Reverse Meaning: You may be feeling eccentric at this time and be inclined to extravagant behaviour, but this could lead to your downfall.

Meaning: The card bringing you a message to concentrate on what matters and more importantly, the deeper meanings of life.
Reverse Meaning: You should try to find your way back home, from darkness into the light.

Meaning: Renewal, advancement, enlightenment, stability, security, healing, foundation and knowledge.
Reverse Meaning: A state when hoping to satisfy urges to satisfy desire, but it will only bring momentary happiness, only to leave you empty inside.

Short introduction to Biedermeier Reading

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There are many theories what the term Tarot defines, yet none of them traces it back to the most obvious source, Sanskrit language. Tarot derived from Sanskrit Taras; i.e. voyage, referring to life as a voyage, a guide, how to continue on your journey in life. The other word is Tara, which is translating to asterism, passage, knowledge, communication between man and the universe,  the sacred text and science of the ancient Phoenicians known today as the Romani people or Gypsies.
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