If you are new to the Gypsy Tarot and want to learn how to read the cards and explore yourself, the Biedermeier Guidebook is a great resource for you. It will teach you the meanings of the images on the cards, which are rich in symbolism and history. You will also learn how to use the cards for self-discovery, by asking questions, doing spreads, and interpreting the messages. The Biedermeier Guidebook is written in a casual and friendly tone, so you can feel comfortable and confident as you start your journey with the Gypsy Tarot.

Reading tarot with Biedermeier Cards
Download the FlipPage ebook, free. Try it before you commit to purchase. It will give you a glimpse into tarot reading, and with the Biedermeier guide you can deside if this is the right digital book for you.

Reading tarot with Biedermeier Cards


Tarot is not just a way to see the future, but also a way to discover yourself. You can learn to be your own best friend, and to live in the present moment. The past and the future are connected to the now, and you can use the tarot to understand how. This ebook will guide you through the 32 cards of the tarot, with clear and simple explanations. You will learn the meanings of each card, both upright and reversed, and how they can help you in your life.

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Tarot Book Detals:

The Biedermeier eook is Pdf format, 138 pages, A4, 2.35 MB. The Starter e- book explaining each 32 Biedermeier Card's image, meaning and reverse meaning with the main points of the card keywords highlighted.

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Reading Biedermeier Tarot as the Ancients Intended:

The Biedermeier period was a time of cultural and artistic flourishing in Europe, but it also had a connection to ancient philosophy. In this Tarot eBook, you will explore how the old wisdom of the ancients can help you discover your true self and achieve harmony in your life. Tarot is not just a fortune-telling tool, but a way of understanding yourself and the world around you. You will learn how to balance the opposing forces within you and find your inner peace. The Gypsy tarot makes this journey easy and fun, even if you face complex challenges.


Biedermeier Tarot Set:

The best way to learn the secrets of the images is to get both eBooks. The starter ebook is a great introduction to the basics, but it doesn't go into too much detail, so you don't get confused or overwhelmed. But if you want to go deeper and discover more meanings and insights, you need the Ancient Tarot Reading ebook too. It will show you how the images are connected to their origins and history. For example, the messenger card has a simple meaning: be careful of false or misleading information. But if you want to know more about what the message is and how to interpret it, the eBook for the Self will help you. It will explain the symbolism and significance of the card clearly and easily.




Monday, June 17, 2019

Tarot is a tool for finding harmony within yourself. It helps you learn many lessons, such as how to overcome challenges in life. But it also reveals the mysteries of Creation and the Universe. For example, the King of Hearts, also known as the Emperor, can symbolize creation and genesis, but it also shows how the universal laws manifest in human life. The King is the force, keeping track of both the past and the future of human thoughts, called Akashic records, the big picture of an individual subconscious mind. He mirrors a system that follows the cosmic order. In human terms, the King invites you to look inside yourself. When you do that, you will discover wisdom and power. On the flip side, the Emperor is driven by impulsiveness, resistance, and rashness.

Why tarot was forbidden by the church? Because it contains ancient secrets, included in the Bible. What are they? For example, Solomon Temple is no other but the card of the House, and the House is representing you. The other secret is the Arc of Covenant. Is it an object, hidden somewhere? Is it lost? No. The Arc of Covenant is within you. It is the light and enlightenment. There are many other hidden words within Tarot, and that was the reason to forbid it. It contains the ancient secrets the Phoenicians left for you to discover.